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CompleteHome's Real Estate Rebates can help ease the cost of buying and/or selling your home with up to $3,600 in real estate rebates. Here's how it works:

Selling Your Home:
Simply select one of CompleteHome's preferred realtors to list your home, and you can earn a real estate rebate of $50 to $1,800 depending on the actual sale price of your home.

Buying Your Home:
Simply use one of CompleteHome's preferred realtors when purchasing a home and you can receive a real estate rebate of $50 to $1,800 depending on your purchase price.

Combined, our real estate rebates can add up to an extra $3,600 in your pocket. Thanks to CompleteHome, buying and selling a home can always be a rewarding experience.

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CompleteHome takes the stress and expense out of moving with big savings and added convenience. When you move from one state to another, you'll receive 60% savings or more off the non-discounted rate on your national van lines' bill.
When you're ready to pack-up and make a move, AllBoxes.com saves you 10% on everything you'll need: from moving and shipping boxes to protective packing, shipping supplies and so much more! Plus, you'll enjoy free, quick, convenient delivery!

Whether you're buying, selling or moving, your Personal Moving Advisor has the answers you need to make all your home-related experiences as hassle-free as possible.